Have you ever wondered why ants march one by one?

Ants Pest ControlAnts are actually very social insects and have a strict organized life which involves traveling great distances away from their nests looking for food. They seem to walk in a straight line one by one, because they are actually following a path that maps the direction back to their colony. The path is created by the scent or pheromone left behind the leader.

What types of ants like to come indoors?

You normally will not find fire ants in your house, but actually tiny ants that are extremely opportunistic and like sweets. The common name most people like to call this type of ant is a “sugar ant.” Most likely, they are actually pharaoh ants, black ants, odorous house ants, or Argentine ants. All four of these species will make colonies or sub-colonies indoors.

Why do these pests like the kitchen?

Food & Water…These pests need food and water to survive and a human kitchen is an excellent source for both of these needs. Ants have excellent odor receptors and can easily find a drop of orange juice left on the counter or bread crumbs hidden in a corner. The kitchen will be a huge draw for these indoor ants.

What is the best way to keep them out of the kitchen?

First, try to wipe down the kitchen counters regularly to remove any food or drinks that might have been left behind from breakfast, lunch or dinner. Next, make sure that you clean the sink and the disposal making sure that all food particles are removed. Lastly, it is important to regularly remove the trash and check the trash can for food or liquids that escaped the trash bag.

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