What to do when you find termites in your firewood

In the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, we have about two months where we can enjoy a nice warm fire. The rest of the ten months in the year, it is just too hot to even consider lighting a fire in a fireplace. However, that does not mean that we don’t have firewood year round. Learn the signs of termites in your firewood pile and how to prevent them from invading your home.

Firewood Pile Location

Firewood Storage TipsWhen the cold weather hits, it certainly is important to have the firewood ready to go. But, where are you staking or storing your firewood? Do not store firewood outside next to your home. This is like setting the dinner table for termites and once they are finished feasting on the appetizer of firewood, they will proceed to your home. If you have an outdoor firewood stack, place it far away from your home or any other structure that may be on the termite’s menu. Do not store your firewood next to your wood fence. The termites may start to eat your fence as part of the buffet you have set up from them.

In addition, if you can keep the firewood off the ground in a rack specially designed for holding firewood, this too would help keep the termites and bugs from taking up residence. Next, do not move the firewood pile into your home after it has been outside. The firewood is a wonderful home for a variety of insects including termites because it provides food, water and shelter. Therefore, if you move the firewood into your home, you could very well be moving the insects and termites  directly into your home.

Signs of Termites in Firewood Piles

Subterranean termites live in the soil and they build mud tunnels to their food source. These tunnels may even be visible on the outside of the wood and along the logs. The termite queen will be located in the soil with the main termite colony. The termite works will tunnel into the firewood and feed on it. If termites enter your home in your firewood logs, they are not likely to start an infestation. However, when woodpiles are stacked against  your house or close to the foundation, it provides a bridge to extend their termite colony to a new food source.

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