Spiders are not usually aggressive and only become aggressive when they unknowingly trapped or about to get smashed. But, you should familiarize yourself with a couple of venomous spiders that reside in Louisiana. In the US the two most venomous spiders are the Black Widow and Brown Recluse, and both of them are located in Louisiana.

Black Widow Spiders

black-widowBlack widows are mostly known by the red hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomens surrounded in a shiny black color. This red mark is a signal to other predators to stay away.   This spider has a comb foot which is a row of strong, curved bristles located on the hind pair legs. It is used to pitch silk over captured prey.  Most Black Widows Spiders 3 to 10 mm in size, but the females are larger than males, almost double in size, and can measure 13 mm in body length. The legs of the male black widow are considerably longer in proportion to the female’s and are marked by orange and brown at the joints. Males may exhibit red and white stripes on the abdomen depending on the species and are more colorful and finely patterned than females.

Black Widow Spiders like dark, secluded areas like crevices, garages, dark corners, closets, and cluttered areas. They are shy spiders that are solitary except during copulation. They are nocturnal except they spin webs during the daytime.

Black Widow Spiders mate in the springtime into the early summer. Black Widow females, in some instances, eat males after mating as a source of nutrients needed for egg fertilization. The egg sacs are white, tan or gray in color and measure between 12 and 15 mm in diameter and are found in dark crevices. Each egg sac contains hundreds of eggs, but only a few will survive. Many of the young spiders will be consumed by other Black Widow spiders and other predators.

Brown Recluse Spiders

brown-recluseAdult Brown Recluse Spiders come in a variety of shades of brown from a dull yellow to a dark brown; however, the younger ones are lighter in color than the adult spiders. Adults are approximately 6 to 11mm in length and at the widest leg span they can be about the size of a quarter. Brown recluses are also known ad fiddle-back spiders because they have a distinct violin pattern on the dorsum of the spider’s cephalothorax.

These spiders like dark, sheltered places and can be found in homes, attics, and other dark areas. Their webs are disorganized in appearance and are typically built near the ground. This spider likes to hunt and catch its prey so the web is not meant to catch its pray. Like their name implies, the brown recluse spider are shy and like to be left alone.

Female Brown Recluses can have one to five egg sacs which contain between 31 and 300 eggs which hatch in about a month. It takes approximately one year for a spider to grow from egg to adulthood. A young brown recluse grows slowly to maturity which is around 12 months but their development is influenced by the weather, food, and habitat. They can survive for extended periods without food or water.

There are a variety of spiders in Louisiana and most are harmless. But, if you see spiders in your home, Call Terminix at  (504) 834-7330 for Pest Control.