Rid Your Home Of Mosquitoes With Terminix!

The In2Care® Mosquito Trap uses water with an odor  to attract egg-laying Aedes mosquitoes. Once inside the plastic container, they come in contact with a biological control agent that eliminates them. The system uses a fungus that kills the mosquito several days after infection and can prevent disease transmission. It exploits the fact that Aedes like to divide their eggs over multiple sites; by letting them fly out of the trap while carrying larvicide on their legs. They transport the larvicide and contaminate several breeding sites around the trap. This way, you can get rid of larvae in small and hard to find spots. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is the first trap that uses a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes. The larvicide is US-EPA-approved and World Health Organization-recommended.  Call Terminix today to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. The system can protect you and your family for only $95 per month.


Terminix can provide a one-time treatment or a customized on-going treatment solution to help reduce the mosquito population around your home or business. Whether you are planning an outdoor event or trying to control the mosquitoes in your yard, we can provide an effective pest control solution.

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Our exclusive dual-action formula is part attractant and part killing agent that helps make sure mosquitoes won’t feast on you again.

The Terminix Professional Pest Control Team knows how to deal with mosquitoes. We will bait them and reduce the mosquito population in your yard, so you can enjoy the outdoors again. We can also provide a customized mosquito control plan that can include a single treatment or regular quarterly treatments.

Terminix is your best solution to fight mosquitoes.

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We have effective solutions that will help to eliminate pest problems throughout the year. Our custom treatments adapt to the seasons to address seasonal pest activity to protect your home and business all year long.