The Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Mosquito LarvaeDid you know that the mosquito goes through four distinct life cycles? The mosquito life cycle includes the egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each stage is actually very easy to recognize simply by appearance.

Egg: Eggs are laid one at a time or even together in a form called “rafts.” The eggs float on the surface of water. Depending on the type of mosquito, some will lay their eggs singly or in a raft formation. Most eggs hatch into the larvae stage within 48 hours, but the weather may impact when they hatch. Water is a necessary part of this stage in the life cycle of the mosquito.

  • As a result, homeowners need to pay attention to standing water around their homes. It only takes a small amount of water for mosquito eggs to thrive, so take time to empty water inside unused flower pots, trash cans and even outdoor furniture.

Larva: Mosquito larva lives in the water, but comes to the surface to breath. They will shed their skin, or mold, four times, growing larger each time. The larva feed on microorganisms and organic material in the water. During the fourth mold, the larva will change into a pupa.

  • Homeowners have second chance at this stage to remove any standing water. The larva require the water to survive, which means removing it will help to reduce the mosquito population around the home.

Zika Mosquito Picture | Terminix NOLAPupa: The pupal stage is actually a stage of development. They do not eat at this stage, but are mobile with little tails. This is the stage where the mosquito is changing into adulthood. It is similar to the butterflies as they change from the caterpillar into an adult butterfly. During the summer, this stage can take about two days. When the development is complete, the pupal skin splits, and then the adult mosquito emerges.

Adult: The brand new mosquito will rest on the surface of the water for a little while as it dries and its body parts harden. The wings will gradually spread out and must dry before the mosquito can dry. After a couple of days, the mosquito will begin blood feeding and mating. The entire mosquito life cycle from an egg to the adult takes approximately 8-10 days.  Did you know that an Aedes aegypti mosquito will only fly up to a few blocks in its entire life and their prefer to live near people?

Mosquito Control

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