Cleaning Routines Have Changed For Everyone

Right now, it looks like we all will have to get used to new cleaning routines. Everyone is taking a little bit more time cleaning. Restaurants and hotels are deep cleaning everything.  Hospitals, schools, retail, and other businesses are all making cleaning a regular process to keep employees and our community safe. In the age of COVID-19, new cleaning protocols are being implemented everywhere.  Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting and sanitizing. The Terminix team can help keep you, your employees and your customers safe with our EPA N-List approved products and services designed for disinfecting and sanitizing.

Terminix’ Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

Terminix has been disinfecting and sanitizing businesses since Hurricane Katrina. We will continue to sanitize restaurants, offices, schools, and other commercial building to help make sure our community continues to stay safe. We have disinfected and sanitized homes and a wide variety businesses. For a list of businesses we have worked with visit:

When our team comes to your home or business, we follow all guidelines and do everything we can to protect you. When entering your home or business, our employees will wear personal protective equipment such as a respirator, goggles, shoe covers, disposable cloths and waste bags with ties. In addition, our technicians and office staff have temperatures checked every morning.

Our products have been proven to work. We do not use regular cleaning products. We use EPA N-List approved products for disinfecting and sanitizing. Our products are safe once they dry in about 10 minutes and they are very effective. When we disinfect an area, we are using chemicals to kill germs that may have been on the surface.

To keep everybody safe, it is important to disinfect frequently used areas such as countertops, chairs, handrails, doorknobs, phones, gym equipment, drinking fountains and other surfaces we touch often. Terminix knows how to effectively disinfect and sanitize offices, hotels, medical facilities, homes, restaurants, museums, schools and kitchens as well as vehicles. When our job is done, we disinfect our trucks, tools, and office.

  • We are open and performing outside services to protect your home.
  • In most cases, our services can be performed outside your home without entry or human contact. If entry to your home is required or requested, it can be done with limited human contact.
  • When servicing indoors, we will always utilize applicable personal protective equipment such as: a respirator, goggles, shoe covers, disposable cloths and waste bags with ties.
  • Our team members remain vigilant with existing health precautions such as regular hand washing and disinfecting service tools and equipment after every home visit.
  • We disinfect our trucks, tools, and office daily.
  • Technicians and office staff have temperature checked every morning.
  • Text or Call us for your Non- contact: termite inspection, pest service, or estimate. We can email inspection reports &/or estimates and you can simply pay online.
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