Pest Control & Your Pet’s Food

When the dinner bell rings for your pets, you do not also want to be calling pests.

Pet Food & Pest ControlPests love pet food. That same nutritious kibble you feed your dog or cat is a convenient and tasty treat for rodents and insects. Many people leave dog or cat food out in bowls all day, allowing their pets to eat at their leisure. Many people never consider that their pet food could become a potential pest control problem.

Store your pet food in an airtight container.

Your pet’s food should be stored in a container that can keep out the pests and keep the food fresh. Consider investing in a plastic or metal container with a lid to seal the food. Unfortunately, the paper bags that food is sold in is easy for a rat to gnaw through and a small rip in the bag can attract little bugs like roaches. If your pet’s food is sealed in an airtight container, it will help to limit the chances of a pest problem.

Clean up after your pet.

Pets typically do not have the best table manners. Some pets spill their water and food all over the place. Pests are attracted to a dirty areas and they love dirty dishes. After you feed your pet, make sure that you wipe down the area if it is inside and hose off the area if it is outside. Clean all food and water bowls daily.

General Pest Prevention Tips

  • Seal cracks in your home’s exterior to help keep pests like ants, spiders, and cockroaches from getting inside.
  • Be sure all doors and windows are properly sealed with tight-fitting screens and weather stripping.
  • Don’t leave uncovered food sitting out. It can attract flies that might land on it and spread harmful bacteria.
  • Consider storing clothing in plastic boxes or pouches to prevent fabric pests from getting to them.
  • Ensure that the attic and crawl spaces have sufficient ventilation. Proper ventilation creates an environment unsuitable for cockroaches and other pests. It also improves the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.
  • Do not allow pet food to sit out overnight, Indoors or outdoors.
  • Remove all piles of debris, stones bricks, etc., around your home. They serve as harborage for pests, especially rodents.

When you have your routine pest control services done at your home, make sure that you let your technician know that you have pets and point out where you typically feed your pets. If you would like to schedule your pest control or would like to find out more about Terminix pest control, Call us 504-834-7330 or visit our website.

We will fix your Pest Problems.

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