We do it ALL!

Did you know that Terminix offers Home Repair Services? We know all about the problems that come with owning a home, and the Terminix Team will work with you to inspect, repair and protect your home.

We believe in a convenient solution for our clients, so now, when we inspect homes for termite and pest control, we can also repair any damage found. In addition, we offer all other home repairs services like painting, trim work, dry wall and more.

We offer home repair services for a wide variety of problems that homeowners encounter that range from termite damage repair to water damage repair to simple repairs and maintenance. Our home repair contractors are part of the Terminix Team and they are licensed and insured.

If you are interested in learning more about our Home Repairs Services, give us a call or text us today.

We Repair Termite Damage!


When you purchase a home, it is important to always get it inspected for termites. Terminix offers a comprehensive termite inspection for homeowners.

If we find any areas of concern, we can treat for termites and repair any damage. 

Termites cause about $5 Billion dollars of property damage throughout the United States each year. When termites have damaged your home,it is important to catch the damage early and repair it with proper methods to prevent a future infestation.

Terminix uses the best techniques to identify the termite damage and remove all traces of the termite colony. We will replace all damaged wood with treated wood that helps deter future termite infestations. We will then repair all additional damage including drywall, trim and paint. If you think you may have termites, please call or text us today!