Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish-Pest-ControlWe have been been taught from a young age that moths are the culprits behind the holes in the clothing. But, you may be surprised to learn that there is another clothes eating criminal that hides behind the infamous moth called a Silverfish.

Silverfish like to eat things that contain starch and are attracted to glue, paper, sugar, & fabrics. They will feast on silks, cotton, wool and even leather if they must. They like to live in dark, damp areas like attics, kitchens, laundry rooms, and closets, and they will feed upon boxes and other items that are typically stored in these areas. This is one of the reasons why you may see them in those storage boxes or bags that contain old clothing, papers and Holiday Decorations.

Silverfish, like roaches, can survive in almost any environment, but they prefer high humidity, which means that New Orleans is the perfect habitat for them. They are secretive and quick, so you may not see them only their destruction. One of the best ways to prevent an infestation is to try to control the humidity in your home. This means that you should try to caulk baseboards and try to remove their food sources. Unfortunately, you cannot throw out all of your clothes, but you can try to exchange cardboard storage boxes for plastic ones and try to clean areas like bathrooms more often that are potential feeding sites.

You should contact a pest control expert if you find a silverfish in your home. Silverfish reproduce quickly and most likely the one that you found is not the only one. Call Terminix at (504) 834-7330 and get professional pest control.