Why Cockroaches Are So Terrifying?

picture of cockroach on cement

You might be sitting on your sofa, watching a movie, and then out of the corner of your eye, something flies in and drops down to join you. Almost instantly, you realize that it is not your typical bug because of its size and apparent ability to fly. Few among us would not jump up and recoil in disgust, or just run away, from this terrifying creature… the dreaded Cockroach.

The Roach or Cockroach is a little beetle-like insect with long antennae, legs, and yes, some even have wings that allow them to fly or glide short distances. This little insect strikes fear in even the most fearless of humans.  Even the name can send shivers down the spine. But, why do we fear them over other bugs and insects like spiders, wasps, and even mosquitoes?

Cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs. They can almost survive anything from a magazine attack to a nuclear fallout. Roaches invade our homes and make our intimate spaces their own. They are the physical embodiment of filth and germs, they might as well be the mascot.

New Orleans is famous for lots of things from Mardi Gras to Jazz music, but did you know that the city is also on the top of the 2015 Census for the city with the most households that reported roaches? Forty-one percent of New Orleans households reported roaches in 2015, according to Bloomberg’s compilation of AHS data, click here for data.

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“Pest control is an extremely important part of home maintenance in Louisiana,” according to Joe Martin, Entomologist of Terminix of Southeast Louisiana. “We have a warm, moist climate that pests like cockroaches and termites thrive in. Our homes not only provide shelter, but also a great food source. ”

So, if you are terrified of roaches or simply want to keep the pests out of your home or business, call Terminix at 504-826-3755 today.

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