Are These Bugs Skeeter Eaters?

technician spraying for mosquitoes

They have hit the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in swarms. They are big, maybe a little scary, and they look like over sized mosquitoes. They go by many names Daddy-long Legs, Gully Nippers, Golly Wopper, Mosquito Hawks…..So, what exactly are they and Are These bugs Skeeter Eaters?

They Are Crane Flies or Tipulidae

These bugs are actually called Crane Flies (Tipulidae). They are about an inch long and seem to bounce around and get into everything. Despite their large size and strong resemblance to mosquitoes, they are harmless. You’ve probably heard the many rumors: “they are mosquito predators” or “they would be dangerous to us if their mouths were larger”……FALSE.

They Do Not Eat Mosquitoes

Crane Flies are simply not a dangerous bug. Actually, most adult crane flies eat very little. Some consume nectar or a little honey water, but that is about it. The minimal diet is fine because adult crane flies typically live just a matter of days. Crane flies spend most of their time as larvae living underwater in streams, the edges of ponds, within wet logs, or in other damp places, and then they emerge as adults for a quick mating spree before dying. They have a very simple life.

Beginning mid-February and lasting into April, large numbers of adult flies emerge and rest on plants, grass, and walls outside the home where they are attracted to lights. Unfortunately, they sometimes gain entrance into homes through doors or other openings.  Like many other bugs, they are attracted by the light inside the house and will sneak in when a window or door is open.

So, in just a short time, the Crane Flies will go away, leaving the mosquitoes to torment us. If pests are bothering you like mosquitoes or silverfish or even rats, give Terminix a call at 504-826-3755 for a free consultation. Our services and inspections are performed with expert precision by technicians with extensive Terminix training and certification.

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