Be Aware Squirrel Chew Through Everything

picture of technician investigating under a house

Squirrels, these adorable little rodents, are not squirreling around! Did you know that they chew literally through everything? While they can be amusing to watch, don’t let their cute appearance fool you, squirrels can cause some serious damage. Experts say, squirrels like to chew on trees and homes as a way to mark their territory, to gain access to various areas and to keep their large front incisor teeth sharp.

What You Need To Know

Squirrel damage includes chewing holes in the outside of your home. They can chew their way into your home by eating through the vents on your roof. Squirrels can chew right through the middle of your cedar or composition roof. As a matter of fact, squirrel hole repair is a common request for roof contractors.  Squirrels can also cause damage to structures by chewing openings through the siding and underneath eaves. They also may chew through unscreened chimneys. But they won’t stop there. Once squirrels get into your house, they will wreak havoc to nest if left alone.  They can cause damage in your attic by chewing wires, ripping up insulation. They will eat electrical wires, putting your home at risk for electrical fires. Squirrels will pretty much chew through almost everything they can find. Furthermore, they will also defecate and urinate all over your attic, not only leaving a foul odor, but also leaving stains and even creating cracks or leaks in your ceiling.

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