How Do Cockroaches Fly?

picture of cockroach behind a white background

Summer rains drive cockroaches into your home. You go to swat it and it begins to fly around. What the heck? They’re so disgusting! Although the majority of species of cockroaches are winged, they do not fly, but there are a relatively few species that do. Roaches are ectothermic, depending on their environment to regulate body temperature. Their ideal temperature is 75 – 85 degrees fahrenheit. When the temperature exceeds  the cockroaches take flight in order to cool down. It is a survival mechanism for the cockroaches to find a cooler climate and moisture. It stands to reason why we see these flying cockroaches during the heat of the summer, and the allure of the AC draws them into our homes as uninvited guests.

The length of the American cockroach’s life, which spans between 6 months and 1 year, is dependent upon their environment, diet and other incidental conditions.

When a cockroach lives in the most favorable conditions, rapid population growth results. However, when unfavorable conditions exist, adult cockroaches develop more slowly or die prematurely. How can we protect our homes from an invasion of cockroaches? Preventing cockroaches from invading your home is far more effective than trying to rid your home of them. Keeping your surroundings spic and span by eliminating all food and water sources to discourage these invaders. Eliminate hiding places whenever possible and make it difficult for these pests to invade your home. The list of house chores can be daunting to say the least to prevent a cockroach invasion. However, most of it is common sense. For example, keeping your garbage can clean and at a distance from your home is important, while putting the trash out regularly is imperative as well.

By keeping your surroundings clean and free of debris, you’ll keep the cockroaches, especially the flying cockroaches, at bay.

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