At Terminix, we believe in providing customer service. Whether you need Termite Control, Pest Control, Residential or Commercial Services, the Terminix Team is here to help you.

Below is one of our client’s personal experiences:

ATerminix-Customer-Serviceround my house, we have a Termite Contract, the Sentricon System, as well as the Pest Control Service. This could sound like overkill but is seen as a necessity in our household in this climate and terrain. Annually, our termite contract is renewed which requires a full inspection of our home and surrounding property. We are contacted by Customer Service to make the inspection appointment and are sent an invoice for the annual contract fee. Monthly, the Sentricon System is inspected and baited as needed. We receive a report telling us if the stations around our home are active or inactive with termite activity, and how it has been remedied if activity has been found. Quarterly, the pest control technician calls for an appointment to spray your home for pests and lay traps for rodents if necessary. It is wonderful that the client does not have to contact the technician for an appointment, and they work around your schedule. Also, the same technician comes to your home (unless there is a change in personnel) so you get to know them and they get to know your home, which are good customer service practices.

Just because the pest control service is performed quarterly, it does not preclude you from making a call if you are experiencing a problem in the interim. During the summer, I noticed wasps going into a vent in the soffit on the back of my home. I reported the problem, was later contacted by the technician to make an appointment, and he came out to remedy the problem. Shortly after he arrived, he pulled on protective gear, and got to work. It turned out that the wasps had built a huge nest in the soffit. Crisis averted! When a company is easy to contact, affordable, and consistent in their practices, the highest standard of customer service is being achieved. ~Sallie


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