The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Firewood Storage

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The temperature in New Orleans is starting to get a little cooler, which means we can enjoy our fireplaces. The question is where is the best place to store firewood? Throughout this article you will learn some quick Firewood Storage Tips that will help you combat the New Orleans pests and termites that like firewood.

A roaring fire can be a wonderful way to warm your home on those wet, cold Louisiana nights. The smell and appearance of a wood burning fireplace can bring a calming ambiance that is a wonderful experience. But, since the bark on wood is a natural place for pests to seek shelter, it is important to follow some easy tips to make sure the pests stay outside and do not cause any damage.

Rodents, bugs, and other pests are always searching for good places to make a home that not only serves as a safe home from predators but also from the weather elements.  A firewood stack can become one of the best places to make a home for these pests.

Keep Firewood Outdoors

Firewood should be stored outside. This helps to avoid bringing pests into your home with the wood and storing the wood and the pests in your home. Bring in only what you plan on using immediately.

Where Is the best place to store firewood?

Choose your Firewood Storage location wisely and make sure it is not leaning against your house. Elevate your firewood on a rack to keep it off the ground. Firewood that is stored on dirt or grass can become moist which creates a more attractive pest environment.  Firewood that is stored on a rack allows for airflow underneath the wood pile and prevents moisture buildup. It is also important, especially in New Orleans to Baton Rouge, to cover your wood pile with a tarp to keep it dry.

Do not store firewood against your home.

When it is cold outside, it can be tempting to store your firewood right next to your home. Don’t do it! If you store the firewood near you home, you are also storing pests near your home. Don’t forget, pests do not like the cold either, and they will seek out the warmest spot during the winter which may be your home.  Don’t lay out the welcome mat in the form of a firewood pile next to your back door.

Rotate your wood pile

It is tempting to build a nice stock pile of wood and just start at the top and work your way down as needed. Try not to neglect the bottom layer of wood because it may become the safe place for pests. Build small piles and work your way through it before replenishing again.

Don’t Treat Firewood With Chemicals

You may think that the easiest solution would be to spray down all of your firewood with some sort of pest chemical spray.  This is not a good idea because when you burn the wood, it can expose you to those chemicals in toxic fumes.

Find Bugs or Termites in Your House?

If you find bugs, pests or termites in your house, it is time to call Terminix. We have the best pest control and termite control exterminators that will help you take care of your pest control problems.  Give us a call today at (504) 834-7330 and enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind.

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