Protect Your Home From Termites With These Landscaping Tips

As we enter the Spring season throughout the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, many people will want to work in their gardens. It may be time to add more soil to your garden or additional fill to the lower parts in your yard. You may just want to update the flowers in your garden and add some new mulch. But, as you work on your garden and yard, it is important not to forget about termites. To help keep termites away from your home, check out these landscaping tips:

Landscaping Tips: Keep Termites Out

It is very important to remove any food source for termites, especially wood. Remove all rotting tree stumps any other wood debris from your yard. Firewood should be stored off the ground away from your property (at least 20 feet or may away from you foundation, if possible).

Try to limit the use of plants and vegetation along the foundation of your home. Beautiful flowers and landscaping enhances your home’s curb appeal, but it also provides food for termites. If you want to place flowers and plants along your foundation, it is best to use plants or window boxes made form composite materials.

Water is a very important part of the termite diet.  You should limit excess moisture around your property. Make sure that all of your gutters drain away from your home. Make sure the end spouts are slopped away from your home. You can use downspout extenders to direct rainwater away from your property. If you have a hose or an irritation watering system, make sure they are not leaking and pointed in the correct direction away from your home.

Many people use Mulch to cover the ground near flower beds and to help disperse rainwater. Mulch retains water which makes it great for plants, but it also makes it great as a food source for termites. Try to keep mulch away from your foundation.

If you have trees, shrubs or bushes growing near your home, you should trim the back. Try to trim them back 2 to 3 feed from your property. Try to keep tree branches away from your home. If this is not a possibility, make sure to regularly clean your gutters.

Many people incorporate ponds and fountains into their landscaping. These features are beautiful, but they can attract termites, other pests and mosquitoes. Check the pumps to ensure proper circulation and try to keep the pond and fountain away from your home. If you have a birdbath, make sure you change the water frequently.

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