Termite Season

termites on a piece of wood

In Louisiana, we have lots of seasons including Crawfish Season, Crab Season, Shrimp Season,  Oyster Season, and of course there is the more notorious season – Termite Season. Termites love warm, moist environments like the weather in Louisiana during the summers. This means that the termites will come out from late March through July. During these months, you might see flying termites or even swarms of termites. But, seeing flying termites outside of your home does not mean you have termites in your home. Swarming termites does mean that they are in the area. Therefore, Terminix always recommends leaving the lights on in your home to see where the termites are coming from….

Termite Season is an opportunity

We know that leaving the lights on to attract termites seems strange. But, when termites swarm during the termite season, this is an opportunity for homeowners to find them. During all other months of the year, termites are in their homes (nests) – or your home – eating away and increasing in number. When March and April come, thousands of swarming termites venture out of their nests, squeezing through soil, cracks, crevices, and holes, to reach the open air to expand their colony to a new location. Once paired, the new termite couples shed their wings, mate and then find a new place to start a nest. For many homeowners, a termite swarm may be the only time when a termite infestation can be found by the homeowner.

Look For Evidence of Termites Around Your Property

The presence of termite swarms indicate that a colony is flourishing nearby, but the question is how close to your home? The best place to start is to look for damage such as soft or rotting wood around your home. You may also spot mud tunnels leading to your home. The most obvious sign that you may have termites will be during the swarm. If your home is infested with termites, you will see lots of them flying around inside of your home. However, all of this evidence may not mean you have a termite problem, but it could. Be proactive and make sure to call Terminix to inspect your home. If termites are found not only will Terminix help you treat them, but they can also repair all of the damage too. Learn more about the different types of termites  – HERE.

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