Why Is It Called A Termite Swarm?

termites going through their created tubes

As the weather heats up, the Formosan termites will swarm around the lights at night in the Metro New Orleans area. Generally, termites swarm in May and June, but you may have already seen them fluttering around. They are now looking to expand their colonies and find new places to build a nest. 

Three Different Termite Castes

Termites are divided into 3 castes: (1) workers; (2) soldiers; and (3) alates. Only the alates have wings. The alates are the sexually developed termites that “swarm” from the colony to find a mate to begin a new colony. They become the king and queen of the new colony whose sole purpose is to populate the new colony. A termite swarm marks the beginning of a new termite lifecycle. After leaving their nest, the winged termites congregate in the air (swarms) and mate with termites of the same species from other colonies. After they have successfully mated, the termites land, shed their wings, and start the process of creating a new colony.

Termites Need a Food & Water Source

The male and female termites develop and grow in subterranean colonies in the late winter and early spring. They then move to specific locations near the surface and wait there until it is the best time to leave. Colonies use weather conditions to coordinate their flight or swarm. Generally, they take flight after a huge rain while it is still overcast and the winds have calmed down considerably. Termites really do not fly very well and certainly not straight. They are searching for the perfect place to nest which should have a food and water source. The wet soil after a rain makes it easier for a new termite pair to create a nest, and the Louisiana humidity creates a better environment for the survival of the nest.

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