Termites in Trees

picture of termites scavenging

It is no secret that termites like wood. Most termite species feed on dead wood, but there are a few that will feed on live trees like Formosan termites. The termites can feed on limbs causing them to weaken. They can even weaken the tree to the point that the tree will not survive. The  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) once estimated that about 30 percent of the live oak trees in New Orleans are infested with termites. But, the next problem is that if the trees are not treated for termites, the termites will expand the colony and may target your nearby home.

Termite Tree Treatment

A tree can survive a termite invasion if it is treated quickly. If an infestation is noticed and treated early, the tree can survive as long as the termites have not damaged the tree too much. There are a variety of signs that a tree may be infested with termites. One of the most common signs is you can see termite holes in the trees. The holes are little tunnels into the tree’s trunk and branches. You may also see discarded wings, dead termites, or small white eggs in the soil around the base of the tree. You may even see mud tubes on the tree from the termites. If you spot any of these warning signs, call Terminix immediately. The sooner you have the tree treated for termites, the less the risk is to future damage to your house. In addition, if the tree is already dead, it may have to be removed to avoid it falling. There are a variety of termite treatment options that range from a bait defense system to a complete tree removal. In order to determine the best steps, contact Terminix NOLA at 504-834-7330.

Termite Prevention

The best way to prevent termites from damaging trees is to actively monitor your trees  as part of your termite control plan. If you are concerned about termites in your home or the trees near your home, call the experts at Terminix NOLA  and we can go over the termite treatment and termite prevention options. 

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