What Kind Of Pests Live In The Sewers?

rat standing on a piece of wood

Pests tend to live in sewer systems where they find ample of foods and can move around freely. Unfortunately, most homes and businesses are connected to  sewer systems which means some of those pests can enter your building through the pipes and other openings connected to the system.

Flies & Cockroaches

Flies escape from sewer lines and then breed in the organic waste that leaks from broken pipe. These flies can get into buildings from a sewer backup, a break in the slab, or through floor drains that have been allowed to dry out. Cockroaches will crawl into your home through sewer drain pipes to get into your home.


Sewers systems are an ideal shelter for rats. Compared to above-ground areas, they are warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. In addition, few humans or other animals are around to bother them and food is plentiful, especially with garbage disposal systems dumping bite-sized food into the sewer system. Rats move out of sewer systems at breaks in the drainpipes and then burrow up into yards. They can also follow lateral lines directly into buildings, swimming up through ungrated floor drains and up through toilets. We tend to attract them by discarding food and fat down drains, significantly increasing the chances of infestation.


Opossums can be found in storm sewers; and spaces under or within barns, sheds, houses, and derelict buildings provide temporary dens. They will catch and eat cockroaches, rats and mice – in addition to consuming dead animals of all types. Opossums are natural climbers and may use trees on your property to access the roof and attic of your home


Raccoons will often duck into sewers and are more than capable of navigating them. Raccoons will prefer garages, attics, abandoned buildings or local woodlands and other higher and drier locations than sewer systems. They are often found near food sources, including dumpsters, gardens or parks, and in storm drains. There are many ways that a raccoon can sneak into your home. Just like opossums, they tend to enter a home through the attic or the roof. Destroying the plumbing mat that protects the cylindrical vent on your roof that connects to your plumbing system, is one way how they could get in.

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