Why Are There Bugs In My House After The Rain

ants on a kitchen floor

After it rains, you may see more bugs and insects inside your home. There are several reasons why more bugs and other critters end up in your house after a heavy downpour.

Why Are Bugs Heading Indoors

Bugs tend to live in the ground. When it rains, the holes and cracks in the ground fill up with water. This forces them to climb up out of the ground and to spend some time on the surface areas near your house. The bugs won’t go back into the ground until it stops raining and the water recedes. These bugs will also try to get into your house as a means of getting away from the rain.  

Insects, that don’t live in the ground, will also try to avoid the rain. Rain water can weigh insects down, making it harder for them to fly.  Furthermore,  rain can damage their wings. That’s why many insects, while seeking shelter, can end up in your house. For example, ants (including fire ants) and subterranean termites will bustle to get to higher ground. These insects will not return to their nests until the rain stops and the nests dry out. When the rain leads to flooding, even more insects will search for higher grounds and new homes. Flooding can damage wasp and hornet nests and flood out yellow jackets, leaving them homeless and looking for shelter. You have probably seen fire ants form rafts to find a dry place to land. They also could end up in your home while searching for food.

Some insects, including mosquitoes, seem to enjoy the rain. They tend to com out when it rains. Mosquitoes are too small to be hit by many rain drops. Also, since many other insects take shelter when it rains, there is less competition and fewer predators for the mosquitoes to contend with.

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