Do you know if you have termites in your home?

Termites account for millions of dollars of damage to homes throughout the United States every single year. Termites are one of the most resilient and hardworking insects which mean they are excellent at surviving. The best way to minimize termite damage is by detecting their presence before they start destroying your home. But, how do you know if termites are in your home?

Termites are very good at hiding. Therefore, it can be a little harder to directly spot them unless you know what to look for. The good knows is there are a lot of signs that will help you to know if termites are present in your home. Here are some of the most common indictors to know if you have a termite infestation:

Know if you have termites

Flying -Swarmers

As a termite colony matures, it will begin to produce a reproductive caste called alate nymphs that will develop into swarmers with wings. Winged termites have a straight waist and straight antennae.  Their wings are equal in size and are used to exit the colony to find a new place to colonize. In addition to wings, these alates are also equipped with eyes which are a unique characteristic compared to the rest of the colony. Once out, the termites take flight and head toward the first light they see with their eyes. The wings are very fragile and the termites are poor fliers, so once they start out in a direction it is difficult for them to change directions. Once the termites land, the wings are simply no longer needed.  Learn more – HERE.

Damaged Wood

Termites are detritivores (also known as detritus feeders), needing water, cellulose, and shelter to survive. Cellulose is an organic fiber found in wood and plant matter. They dine on the cellulose, the best source of nutrition for their dietary requirements, absorbing both the moisture and nutrients. Our homes have ample supplies of dead wood for a termite colony to feed on. Learn more – HERE.

Know if you have termites
Know if you have termites

Shelter Tubes

Termite Shelter Tubes are created by Subterranean Termites. Because these termites need a moist environment, they build tunnel tubes to protect them from weather and predators as they forage for food. These tubes are made out of saliva, mud, wood, drywall and feces. The Working Tubes connect the termite nest to a wooden structure. These tubes become an important termite highway because they lead from a food source to the nest. These tubes can be connected to concrete and stone foundations. If you see them in and around your home, you may have a termite infestation. Learn more – HERE.

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