Terminix - Rid Your Home Of PestsRoaches… antsrodents… OMG!  Silverfish… spidersbeetles… SMH!  The list is too long to take it all in, but you get the idea.  No one wants to entertain or have house guests while they have these unwanted guests. Entertaining can be stressful enough, especially with the addition of gift giving and holiday decorations. There are greeting cards to be mailed, invitations to be handed out, food and house preparations to be made, and relentless shopping to be done.  Let Terminix handle this line item on your to-do list, and have the confidence your house guests will not fret over these incorrigible pests.

In the meantime, you can do a few simple things around the house to help rid your home of pests that are trying to be guests.  Even though we lead busy lives, clear your home of clutter daily.  Begin by opening your mail near a trash can and discarding unnecessary items immediately. This is also a time-saving method. Toss receipts and other papers you do not need.  Empty your trash can nightly, and put it outdoors in an airtight trash can that stands away from your home.  Discard recyclable items daily also by putting them in an outdoor recycling bin.  Seal any openings that can allow these little creepy crawlers access to your home.  A field mouse, for example, can get into your home through an opening with the diameter of a pencil.  Store foods in airtight containers, and put food in the fridge directly after the meal is finished. These undesirables are seeking food, water, and shelter. Remove their access to these three things and you will avoid an infestation.

Our highly trained technicians can come to your home to give you a no-obligation assessment of your pest control needs and can customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Terminix’s mission is to provide total customer satisfaction by providing tailored services to meet individual client needs.  Call us at the Eastbank office at (504) 834-7330, the Westbank office at (504) 368-3680, the River Parishes at (985) 652-7378, or on the Northshore at (985) 643-6542.  Make a reservation with one of our sales specialists and check that line item off of your to-do list today.  Entertain with added confidence.