Terminix Offer Three Distinct Termite Control Options

Terminix NOLA and Terminix Northshore have been protecting homes and businesses since 1947. Our expert technicians are certified and trained to perform termite services and inspections. Experience is what separates Terminix from all other companies. So, if you are looking for the best termite control options, call Terminix.

Termite Control Tent Defend SystemThe Termite Threat

Termites are silent and they play the best game of hide and seek. They are relentless and exist in every stat except Alaska. Termites can fit through a crack as little as 1/32nd of an inch, and hundreds of thousands live in a single colony. Termites infest 1 in every 20 US homes and that includes homes made of brick, siding or stucco. Did you know that the average cost of termite damage is above $8000? Termites cause over $5 billion in damage each year which is more than fires, floods and tornados combined. Plus, most homeowners’ insurance does not cover termite treatment or repair damage. Therefore, it is important to know all of your termite control options.

Subterranean Termites

Formosan Termites are subterranean which means the main nest is usually underground. These termites will then enter structures and homes through mud shelter tubes built up from the foundation. After these termites gain entry into a structure, they can build large nests in the walls and floors. All they need is a source of moisture and they will thrive. Once Formosan Subterranean Termites are established in a home, it can be very difficult to remove them. Learn more – HERE.


Bait Defense System

Only targets termites, safe for pets and the environment.

Terminix will install termite bait stations in the ground around your home. Termites find the stations, feed on the bait, & share it with other termites, eliminating the colony.


The Liquid Defense System

Our system is applied to the soil & into the slab areas around your home.

We create a trench in the soil areas and drill through the slab areas around the perimeter of your home. We apply a liquid treatment agent that kills subterranean termites.


Tent Defense System

Eliminates drywood termites with specialized tarps and fumigant

Terminix will place specialized tarps over the entire structure. Fumigant is dispersed, penetrating all wood, furniture and hard to treat areas eliminating drywood termites.

We will fix your Pest Problems.

We have effective solutions that will help to eliminate pest problems throughout the year. Our custom treatments adapt to the seasons to address seasonal pest activity to protect your home and business all year long. We provide Residential and Commercial Pest Control and Termite Control Services for the Southshore, Northshore, and the River Parishes of Louisiana. Call us at the Eastbank office at (504) 834-7330, the River region at (985) 652-7378, or on the Northshore (Slidell) at (985) 643-6542, and Northshore (Mandeville) at 985-892-4450.

Experience is what separates Terminix from other companies.