Did you know that the Termite Kings & Queens are in town?

In New Orleans, we love Mardi Gras Kings and Queens especially when they riding on the beautiful floats and throwing beads and doubloons. But, right now there are new Kings and Queens hitting the streets that are not quite as decadent….Termites.

It’s Swarm Season.

You have probably seen them fluttering around street light posts. What exactly is going on?

Normally during this time of year, termites are spotted at dusk on a humid night sometimes after a rain has passed through the area. The young termite kings and queens are leaving the mother colony to seek out a new place to form a new colony.

Don’t Get Nervous.

May people get nervous when they see the termites swarming near the lights. They think that the best thing to do is to turn off all of the lights in the house. You can turn the lights off, but before you do, take this opportunity to inspect your home for termites. Look for termite shelter tubes and watch where the termites are gathering near your house.

For example, if your roof was only going to leak once a year, you would go up in the attic and check to see where the leak is coming from right? Termite Swarm Season is the exact same concept, except you are looking for termites or signs of termites. Look all around the inside of your house, inspect the outside of your home, look at your roof and the overhangs, and even check the trees around your house.

If you need help or have questions, call Terminix at 504-834-7330, and we will help you identify any termite problems. We can also help you throughout the year with a termite control plan. In Louisiana, our homes can be infected by both Subterranean and Drywood termites. At Terminix, we offer the best Termite Treatment plans and options that include: the Bait Defend System, the Liquid Defend System, and the Tent Defend System.

When Terminix Treats, Termites Retreat!