Do Termites Eat Pressure-Treated Wood?

Pressure-Treated WoodPressure-treated wood is a great defense against termites, but it is not termite proof. Chemical preservatives infused in the wood help to protect the material against rotting and insects. Pressure-Treated wood is commonly used in homes for decks, fence posts, outdoor structures, and as part of the home construction especially structures that are near the soil. Pressure-treated wood is termite-resistant only. Termites can still damage pressure-treated wood, especially the wood that is damp or decaying.

Cedar – Termite Proof?

Cedar is considered to be one of the best types of wood, especially when it comes to termites. Cedar is naturally durable and termite-resistant. Unfortunately, termites can eat cedar too. So, before you invest in this expensive building material, make sure it is the material you are looking for knowing that it is only termite resistant and not termite proof.

The Good News – Pressure-Treated Wood Helps

Investing in pressure-treated wood is a good investment for your home. Just remember that even pressure-treated wood and naturally durable woods are susceptible to termite damage and infestations. That’s because termites can tunnel over treated wood easily to get to untreated wood or other cellulose-containing substances in a home….even furniture.  The best way to defend against termites is to have multiple defenses set up. Did you know that Terminix can treat the soil prior to construction? Terminix also offers a Bait Defense System, Liquid Defense System and a Tent Defense System. Plus, Terminix also offers free termite inspections for residential and commercial properties. Learn more about Terminix Termite ControlHERE.

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