What are June Bugs & Lovebugs? TerminixJune Bugs and Lovebugs are everywhere during certain times of the year in Louisiana. What are they and what are the differences between these two pests?

When you’re out during the warm spring evenings, you might notice a nocturnal beetle buzzing around. They’re commonly known as June Bugs, but they’re also known as May Beetles or June Beetles. Although harmless to people and pets, they can do damage to your landscaping. They feed on trees and shrubs they hide during the daylight.

However, they do far more damage to your garden during their grub phase. As grubs, they live underground feeding on plant roots. The female adults lay their eggs underground in the fall. The eggs then evolve into grubs, molting twice during the winter months entering a third larval stage lasting nearly nine months, which remain underground until they become adults emerging from the earth as June Bugs. These beetles have a life cycle of one year. It is easier to take preventative measures to eliminate the grubs before they become destructive to your landscaping as there is little you can do to eliminate June Bugs. The best approach is to treat your lawn in the fall when the females are laying their eggs.

Lovebugs, on the other hand, swarm twice a year in May and September. These members of the March fly family mate as they swarm during the daylight. Each female has a lifespan of 2 to 3 days, and lays approximately 150 to 600 eggs beneath decaying plant materials or manure. Once hatched, the larvae live beneath the surface assisting the rotting materials to decompose further, turning these materials into nutrients for live plant materials. This is the function they play in the ecosystem. Although they are not harmful, they can be a nuisance when driving down the highway and sticking to your vehicle. If not removed from your vehicle promptly, they can damage your paint and cause your vehicle to overheat due to congesting the front grill.

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