What Attracts BugsWhat Attracts Bugs … the Anti-Bug To-Do List?

Bugs are pretty low-maintenance when it comes to their needs. Basically, they need food, shelter and water. If you find that bugs are attracted to your home or yard, it most likely means that you are providing easy access to one or all of these needs. In order to get rid of these bug pests, you must determine what’s the attraction.

Anti-Bug Attraction To-Do List:

  1. Standing Water – Water is one of the most essential items on any bug’s list. From mosquitoes to termites, stagnant water will definitely draw the attention of most pests. Do you leave water out for your pet? Do you have a bird feeder that holds water? Do you have water in flower pots or outdoor toys? Walk around your house and check to make sure water has not pooled in one of these types of items, and then dump the stagnant water.
  2. Trash Can – If your trash can has an odor, it may be the perfect dinner bell for bugs and other pests. Try to empty trash cans regularly, especially the ones inside of your home. Clean up spills and drips, and try to rinse out both the indoor and outdoor trash cans regularly.
  3. Clogged Gutters – Did you know that clogged gutters can actually retain water? If leaves and other debris clog your gutters, they can actually form pockets that hold water. These water pockets are a perfect water supply for mosquitoes and other types of bugs. Try to clean your gutters after storms or when you find that they are collecting debris.
  4. Firewood – We may not use too much firewood in the Metro New Orleans area, but many of us are prepared for the “cold’ days so that we can use our fireplaces. It is very important to store your firewood away from your house. Firewood not only shelters bugs, but it can also become a bridge into your home. Keep firewood at least 6-inches away from your home, if not further.
  5. Plants – Plants, bushes, trees, and flowers are beautiful and are essential to your home’s curb appeal. However, make sure they are not too close to your home. Maintain at least a 6-inch gap between siding and foliage, and store nothing against the walls.
  6. Grills – After you cook on your grills, clean them. Dirty grills filled with delectable BBQ and other food items will definitely draw the attentions of bugs.
  7. Feeding Pets & Birds – If you have bird feeders, be prepared to feed bugs too. If you keep your bird feeders filled, it will draw the attention of bugs. Therefore, if you have a bird feeder, keep it a safe distance from your home. In addition, when you feed your dogs and cats, make sure you pick up their bowls. Bugs like dog food and cat food, but so do other pests like rats.
  8. Door Sweeps/Seals – Door sweeps or seals not only help to reduce the loss of AC, but also are great a keeping out bugs. Unfortunately, the rubber on these door seals will go bad over time and lose it effectiveness. Replace the seals to help prevent cockroaches, lizards, and other bugs from getting into your home.
  9. Cardboard Boxes – If you need a little incentive to go through old boxes, here it is…cardboard boxes attract termites, silverfish and even roaches. If you want to keep and store items, store them in plastic containers.
  10. Fruit & Other Food items – Overripe fruit attracts all sorts of bugs from fruit flies and ants to roaches. Open food of just about any kind whether a crumb or a drip will attract bugs. Try to wipe counter tops and remove any food items from the counters that may be a draw for bugs.

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