Just because you don’t see them, does not mean they are not there…

Termites do not hibernate during the winter. They will continue to be active year round even during the winter months. So, keep an eye out for the tell-tail signs of termites year round.

Termites need three things to survive: water, wood and warmth.

Termite Shelter TubesUnfortunately, the New Orleans Metropolitan area is filled with homes that can provide these three things for termites year round.  Most home owners think about termites when they see them swarming during the warmer season or if they find them during a home repair. But, it is still important to look for the common signs of a termite invasion. The most common sign includes mud tubes that are created from termites tunneling, damaged wood, or discarded wings. The mud tubes can be found inside and outside of the home.

So what happens to termites during the winter?

The ideal temperature for all species of termites is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the termites are already in your home, you will provide the perfect temperature for them. But, for the termites who reside outside the home, they will simply dig deeper underground where temperatures remain warmer. Termites will still need water and wood during the winter to survive. So, be careful about where you store your firewood and stay on top of plumbing leaks even during the winter.

The following are some of the best termite preventative maintenance actions:

  • Store firewood away from the house.
  • Make sure at least four inches of the foundation can be seen all around the home. Siding should not extend into the soil. Mulch and soil should not touch the siding.
  • Make sure water drains away from the foundation to ensure water does not accumulate. Rain gutters are ideal; however, the downspout should direct the water away from the home.
  • Roof or plumbing leaks can allow termites to survive above ground in a house. These should be corrected as soon as possible.
You may not see Termites during the colder New Orleans months, but it pays to be on the lookout for these destructive insects year-round. If you suspect you may have termites in your home, call Terminix and schedule your free termite inspection. Call Us Today at (504) 834-7330.