8 Pest Control Mistakes Made By Homeowners

It maybe scary to think about, but you may actually have creepy crawlers and rodents hiding in your home. You may not see them, but that does not mean they are not there lurking behind the walls. The truth is we are probably living alongside all sorts of unwanted guests like roaches and mice. And, when it comes to proper pest control, you really need to know what you up against. In most cases, it is best to leave it up to the experts, like Terminix, but there are still some things you can do as a homeowner to help avoid certain pest control mistakes.

Be Proactive Over Reactive

Pest Control Mistakes - Terminix New OrleansIf you see termite wings in your office or a mouse scurry under you kitchen cabinet, you could have a pretty big pest problem. According to Joe Martin of Terminix, Certified Entomologist, “It is always best to prevent a pest control problem over having to fix one.” Prevention is a lot cheaper than the removal of pests. In some cases, like a termite infestation, walls must be removed and wood replaced to repair the damage done by the termites. The best way to avoid these Pest Control Mistakes is to prepare for them.

Check All Seals

It is important to check the seals and screens around windows and doors throughout the house. If these seals are worn down or non existent, they can be an open door (or window) for uninvited pests. Bugs and insects can get through some tight spaces, so the best way to keep them out is to make it harder for them to get in to the home.

Tempting Treats

Food glorious food. The biggest Pest Control Mistakes center around food. Pests love kitchens because most humans leave lots of great treats out for them to feast on. Plus, pests love pets because they get the leftover food and treats left out all night long. Take away these tempting treats by picking up dog food and wiping down counters. Also, try to dispose of trash in a timely manner and run the garbage disposal often.

Firewood Storage Tips & Pest Control MistakesOvergrown Landscaping

Pests are best left outside; however, you do not want them to get too comfy close to your home. Overgrown bushes and plants that are close to your home, can become great homes for pests. Once the pests outgrow the bushes, they may move into your home, especially if you have food and water for them.  Firewood should always be kept far away from your home. (See this ARTICLE for more information).

Standing Water

Try to remove all stagnant or other standing water around your home. Check old flower pots and anything else that can become a breeding ground for Mosquitoes. Water is extremely important to all pests. If you watch out for standing water and dripping faucets,  you can avoid the most common Pest Control Mistakes.

DIY pesticides

Flea Pest Control Service | Terminix NOLAIt is important to use the right tool for the job, especially when it comes to pesticides. Do your homework first if you are going to try to get rid of your pests. If you do not feel comfortable selecting the right pesticide, leave it up to the experts at Terminix to do the dirty work.

Pest Change As The Seasons Change

Pests enjoy the changes in the seasons just as much as humans. There are spring bugs and summer pests, fall surprises and winter guests.

Know Your Pests

New Orleans has very unique pests. We even have roaches that fly. If you are new to the area, it is important to know your pests. You will need to prepare to combat the pests before they become a problem. But, if you don’t even what to bother, just call Terminix, we know our pests.