Can Cockroaches Infest Video Game Consoles?

Cockroaches video gameDo you enjoy video games? Do you like playing Fortnite, Minecraft or maybe Tetris? Did you know that Cockroaches like video game machines too? They are not so much into playing a specific game, but are attracted to the warmth of the machine.

Cockroaches Are Attracted To Video Game Consoles

If suddenly your gaming machines stops working, it could be caused by a roach infestation.  When a video game console is powered on, it can become warm. The ventilation grates in the machine, are an easy opening for roaches to find their way in. When roaches move inside of the video game machine, the internal power supply can fry them into the console resulting in the malfunction of the machine. Many video game repair shops are seeing a lot more of dead cockroaches in video game systems. Roaches can result in a pricey power supply replacement for the console owner, but the presence of roaches could also mean an even larger problem.

Could Be A Sign Of A Pest Control Problem

If your video game console stopped working because of roaches, you may have bigger problems such as a pest infestation. It is important to prevent cockroaches from infesting your home. The key to keeping pests out of your home, is to keep it unattractive for roaches and other pests. Make sure to remove all standing water and seal up exterior gaps and crevices around your home. Consider taking the following additional steps:

  • Throwing away leftover food
  • Cleaning around and under appliances to clean up possible food crumbs
  • Wiping down and cleaning countertops and sinks after cooking and doing dishes
  • Properly storing pet food in airtight containers
  • Vacuuming around your house, especially in areas that cockroaches like, such as bathrooms and kitchens, to remove possible food sources and allergens

These preventative measures will help prevent cockroaches and other pests from entering your home; however, if you still see roaches, you may want to consider contacting a professional pest control company like Terminix NOLA or Terminix Northshore.

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