What Are Crazy Ants?

Crazy AntsThe species of ants known as Crazy Ants were so named because of their quick, unpredictable movements. Originating in South America, they have made their home in Texas and the Gulf Coast region. Their survival and proliferation is largely due to each colony having numerous queens. Rather than live in centralized nests or mounds, they live under rocks and piles. Crazy ants feed on small insects and forage for plants. However, they produce a venom when they bite that protects them from fire ants, allowing them to dominate a region.

How do they get into the home?

Crazy ants enter the home through their predilection for electronic devices. They stream into these devices by the hordes, electrocuting these pests, and short circuiting the devices. The death of these nuisances produces pheromones which attract hordes of more crazy ants trying to come to their rescue, thus creating a vicious cycle. Mounds of dead crazy ants will congest the affected devices. They also gnaw through electrical wires and circuits, producing the same effect. There are not any effective home remedies to combat crazy ants, requiring professional pest control to remediate the problem.

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