Death To The Queen

Death To The QueenTermites are silent, hidden, and relentless. They are an invisible problem, and damage is rarely protected by homeowners insurance. Termites exist in every state except Alaska and infest 1 in 20 U.S. homes even those with brick, siding, or stucco exteriors. Termites cost homeowners an estimated 5 billion dollars in property damage every year. In Louisiana, our homes can be infested by both Subterranean and Drywood termites.

Did you know that termite colonies owe their source of power to the queen termite. Termite queens are the originators of an entire colony. The termite queen provides nutrients for her offspring, and the workers take care of the eggs. Those eggs hatch with some of the offspring taking care of the queen, and some go out and find food. Eventually, her offspring can produce another queen for another nest.

Protect Your Home Call The Experts

At Terminix, we offer Free Termite Inspections for residential and commercial properties. Keep in mind, termites can fit through a crack as little as 1/32nd of an inch. There can be hundreds of thousands in a single colony. Plus, they cause more damage to homes than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined. It is important to get the right Termite Control Plan with a reliable Termite Prevention Solution.  More than 4 million homes across the United States have been protected by the Sentricon system, but tens of millions are vulnerable to attack. The best solution for termites is proactive protection and awareness.  Homeowners can avoid damage by having an annual inspection done by a professional and preventative termite protection in place.

The Sentricon® System: A Clear Solution To The Hidden Problem

Using scientific knowledge of termite behavior, the Sentricon® system protects property by eliminating the entire termite colony, including the termite queen. It was designed and developed to stop termites from being able to eat, reproduce or survive. No other product has been as thoroughly proven to be as effective as the Sentricon system, which means it keeps termites out of homes and out of mind.

To be sure you aren’t the victim of termite damage, schedule an inspection with your local pest management company. Call Terminix at 504-834-7330 or check out our website at