Get Out Of My Kitchen

flying-roachesHave you ever noticed, that everyone loves the kitchen? Whether you have family over for dinner or just talking with friends, everyone likes to gather in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Cockroaches like to hang out in the kitchen too. Kitchens are the perfect environment for these pests – Food, Water, and Shelter.

Dead or alive, cockroaches just are dirty. They will eat just about anything..garbage, feces, and of course any buffets that you may leave out for them in the kitchen. Which means, that they will come in contact with all sorts of disgusting things including E. Coli and Salmonella. As the roaches run around your house and kitchen, they can transfer these bacteria to your food and can even cause gastrointestinal illnesses like food poisoning.

Keeping Them Out

CockroachesThere are a lot of good practices and tips that can help keep these pests out. Here are four that will help to make a difference in your pest control.

  1. Clean Up – The best way to keep all pest away, is to keep a clean kitchen. Every day, wipe down your counters and sink to remove spills and crumbs. Don’t forget to clean all of the small appliances like toasters, microwaves and the kitchen-aide. It is also very important not to leave dirty dishes in the sink or on your kitchen counters over night. Roaches are most active at night and these items would be like the dinner bell calling them to your kitchen.
  2. Proper Storage – Roaches can get into just about anything. Closed cabinets or pantries are no match for these bugs. Keep food stored in airtight containers. This means cereals, crackers, and even dog food. Don’t forget to make sure all of your bread is closed well too.
  3. Moisture: Pests like cockroaches need water to survive and bathrooms and kitchens are a great source form them to survive. Keep an eye out for dripping faucets and any leaks below sinks in the cabinets. Make sure that you regularly clean your kitchen drains, especially if you have a garbage disposal, because food particles can hide in them attracting the pests.
  4. Cracks: Many types of roaches enter your home through cracks from the outside. They will squeeze through doors and windows and make a new home in your home. Check the area around your kitchen for cracks, holes and gaps and don’t forget to check your weather stripping around all doors and windows.

Protecting your Home with Professional Pest Control

Even though you may do all of the best practices to keep these pests out of your home, they still may get in. Roaches have been around since before the dinosaurs, so they know how to survive. So, the best way to keep them out, is to protect your home. A pest control professional can perform a thorough inspection of your house and pinpoint areas of concern. They are also trained to understand which combination of control methods will be most effective for your case. Call Terminix for a free estimate at 504-834-7330 (Southshore), 985-643-6542 (Northshore), and 985-652-7378 (River Parishes).