House Mouse

Rodents & Mouse & MiceThere are lots of different types of mice, but there is one that causes homeowners the a lot trouble – the House Mouse. The house mouse tends to seek shelter in the walls and attics of homes. A typical adult house mouse is a gray color and can range from about 2.5 to 3.75 inches long. They can adapt to many harsh conditions and they multiple very quickly. Did you know that one female house mouse can produce up to 35 babies every year? The important thing all homeowners need to know is hot to get rid of mice.

Mice Home Infestation

It is very important to make sure that your home is not infested with pests, especially mice. A rodent infestation is not only a nuisance, but it can also lead to severe health risks. Mice carry bacteria, spread diseases and can even contaminate food in the pantry. They defecate often and their droppings can be found all over the home including inside of walls and in the insulation in attics. Plus, where there are mice, other rodents and pests will follow like lice, ticks, mites, and fleas.

Rodent Prevention

Rodents do not just show up in a home, they are called and invited in by homeowners. Food and shelter are very enticing for all sorts of rodents. So, it is important to keep food away from rodents and secure all opening to the home. When it comes to food, homeowners need to start with eliminating trash and debris. Empty the kitchen trash can regularly and keep outdoor trash cans away from the home. Covering vents, securing gaps in pipes, repairing holes, adding metal kick plates to exterior doors, and applying tight weather stripping to the bottoms of doors leading outside can all help to secure the home from pests.

Terminix can help you get rid of the pests. We can help remove mice from within walls, attics and other parts of the home. Then, we can keep them out with a pest control plan.

We will fix your Pest Problems.

We have effective solutions that will help to eliminate pest problems throughout the year. Our custom treatments adapt to the seasons to address seasonal pest activity to protect your home and business all year long. We provide Residential and Commercial Pest Control and Termite Control Services for the Southshore, Northshore, and the River Parishes of Louisiana. Call us at the Eastbank office at (504) 834-7330, the River region at (985) 652-7378, or on the Northshore (Slidell) at (985) 643-6542, and Northshore (Mandeville) at 985-892-4450.

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