Lions, Tigers, RATS, Oh My!

We do not have to worry about the Lions and Tigers too much in the New Orleans Metro Area, especially when LSU is winning; however, the Rats are whole different issue.

Many areas of New Orleans are plagued with rats, especially older residences that are prone to problematic cracks and other small holes that rats can enter through. Even when these holes are plugged, rats can still get in, eating through foam, caulk and wood. New Orleans was even rated as one of the top 10 worst rate cities in the world by Animal Planet ( You’ve probably seen them running across your fence or scurrying into the drainage basin, but the real problem occurs when they get in your home.

Rats can eat your furniture and they can chew your electrical lines and other wiring, plus they really like to visit your pantry. But, what is worse, is that rats are dangerous to your health and your family. Rats play a large role in contributing to allergies but on the more dangerous side, rats carry lots of parasites which are potentially deadly to humans, like Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever and Salmonellosis, and don’t forget rats were the leading factor of the spread of the Bubonic Plague/Black Death. If you see a rat inside of your home, take a look around for the signs that they may have taken up permanent residence in your home.

Rats leave evidence that they have been residing in your home. Basically, they are messy, noisy and smelly guests. You may smell an‘acetamide’ smell, then you may hear a gnawing sound and see small teeth marks around your home. Next, you may see greasy fur marks and rat dropping which are 12mm long and often tapered at one end. If you see any of these signs, it is time to do something about your “guests.”

So, how do we deal with them? There are traps and baits that can capture and kill them. But, one of the best ways to keep the rats out of your home is of course prevention. Repair holes in the exterior walls of your home, check floor boards and flooring for holes, and tidy up your cupboards and pantries regularly. If you thing you may have a rat squatting in you home, call a pest control company like Terminix to inspect your home.