What Is The Difference Between Palmetto Bugs and Cockroaches?

cockroach near sink

Have you ever heard people use the term Palmetto bug? It almost sounds like a cheese spread or at the very least a cute bug. Unfortunately, Palmetto bug refers to the common name often used to describe various species of cockroaches and some beetles found in Southeastern United States. Some species of cockroaches actually are found living around palmetto trees which is why they are sometimes called palmetto bugs.

Palmetto Bug vs Cockroach

There is actually no difference between them. Did you know that there are over 4000 living species of cockroaches in the world and 70 of them are found in the United States? The most common species is the German cockroach but others common roaches include the brown-banded cockroach, American cockroach and even the oriental cockroach. Roaches spend 75% of their time resting, and they can withstand temperatures as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. They are the most adaptable creatures on earth which makes eliminating infestations more difficult.

It is very important to keep food sealed and stored properly, especially in the kitchen, to prevent a roach infestation. Clean counter tops, dispose of garbage regularly, and seal off cracks and holes in your home to help keep them for moving into your home. 

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