Protect Yourself From Unwanted Holiday Guests

Unwanted Holiday GuestsNo, we are not talking about relatives, we are talking about bugs, mice and other critters you may attract with all the delicious food you are preparing this holiday season. Here are a few helpful tips to keep common household bugs out of your home this Thanksgiving and through the winter months.

What You Can Do

When you are buying your holiday food, make sure you store food securely in your  kitchen and pantry. As you probably know, cardboard boxes are not bug-proof and insects and mice can chew through these materials. Always use airtight containers that fully seal to help keep out pantry pests. If you have the room, consider putting boxed and bagged items in the freezer or fridge to protect them.

A clean kitchen is the best way to help keep roaches outside. Clean your kitchen diligently and try to keep it clean throughout the busy holiday season. Make sure any crumbs or food spills are completely swept and wiped up. Roaches love leftovers too. Be vigilant about putting away any ingredients you’re finished using while preparing your holiday feast. Do not leave dirty dishes sitting in the sink!

Make sure all perishables are either put away securely or thrown out. As an added precaution, place all trash bags inside a lidded trashcan. Remove the trash from your home as soon as possible. If you can’t put it outside, place the trash in your garage at the farthest point from your home. Make sure it’s tightly sealed to prevent attracting critters like rats, raccoons and skunks.

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