Rats Are Very Sensitive To Odors

Did you know that rats can swim, eat just about anything, and have incisors that never stop growing? As interesting as these facts are, this does not mean that you want them to come into your home or business. Rats are not like mice. They are much larger and can be a lot more aggressive when they feel threatened. Rats can be attracted to a certain area for  a lot of different reasons, but odors are definitely the dinner bell when it comes to attracting them to your home.

What Attracts Rats To A Home Or Business?

Rat's Nest Terminix New Orleans & Rat OdorsRats are survivors. They can survive all sorts of different conditions and climates, and their diet is quite extensive. Food is the number one thing that attracts rats. They will eat out of garbage cans, dumpsters, and they will even make their way into your kitchen. Rats can sniff out any source of food using their strong sense of smell. Rats smell all sorts of odors that will lead them to a food source. The first step to preventing rats from coming near your home or business is to make sure to clean up and secure things that can attract them.

Can Odors Repel Rats?

Mothballs and peppermint oil are two odors that are supposedly strong odors to repel rats and other pests. Now, we would agree that mothballs certainly have a strong odor, but there is not strong enough scientific evidence that would deter pests away from a food source. The National Pesticide Information Center advises against using moth balls as a DIY repellent. Peppermint oil is natural, non-toxic and is not an offensive smell to humans, but there once again is not enough scientific evidence to support this method of pest control. Just because rats have a strong sense of smell, does not mean that they will be repelled by odors just because they are unpleasant.

Tips For Effective Rat Prevention:

  1. Keep garbage cans closed.
  2. Seal all cracks, holes and gaps in your home that are larger than a quarter of an inch.
  3. Clean up and cut back any vegetation, piles of brick and woods, and any other area near your home that could be a rat’s home.
  4. Wipe down all countertops where food is prepared.
  5. Do not leave any food out and place all open food items in sealed containers.
  6. Regularly empty your kitchen garbage cans, especially if they have food that has odors that may attract rats and other pests.

The most effective way to deal with rats and other pest problems is to hire a professional pest control company like Terminix of New Orleans. If you see a rat or find signs that you may have a rat infestation, contact Terminix immediately. We can take the proper steps to remove the rats from your home or business and to assist you in preventing future pest control problems.

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