Rodent Control | Terminix New OrleansTerminix commercial will develop a thorough and effective rodent solution designed to meet your specific needs. The first step is a thorough inspection of the property to determine where rodents are active, where they may be entering, and what conditions may be contributing to the infestation.

The rodent plan will likely include three key components:


The availability of food and shelter makes your business a prime target for rats and mice.

Sanitation recommendations might include:
  • Eliminating trash and debris
  • Making sure trash receptacles and dumpsters are sealed against entry
  • Arranging for regular trash pick-ups
  • Regularly mowing tall weeds or grass near the facility


The average rat can get into your building through an opening no more than 3/4″ wide, while a mouse needs only a 1/4″ opening.

Exclusion recommendations will include:
  • Covering vents with a tight-fitting piece of 1/4″ hardware cloth
  • Securing gaps around loose pipes and other wall intrusions
  • Adding metal kick plates to exterior doors to keep rodents from gnawing through the corners
  • Applying tight weather stripping to the bottoms and sides of all doors


A well-designed preventative program is key to minimizing rodent invasions.

Such a program is required for facilities following good manufacturing practices (gmps). Your terminix commercial service professional will work with you to determine the most effective preventative measure. These might include snap traps, catch traps, and/or bait stations.

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