Fruit flies are definitely one of the most irritating of the pests. They seem to like to fly around the face and will not go away even if you are lucky enough to get one. It makes you want to yell Shoo Fruit Fly….Don’t Bother Me!

fruitflyShoo Fruit Fly….Don’t Bother Me

Fruit flies are extremely difficult to get rid of, especially in a home. They are attracted to sugary, organic materials, and as you can guess, they like fruit. They like to infest fruit, but can also be found in decaying meat, soda, alcohol, or even trash cans. Once they found a good food source and breeding ground, they will start to grow in numbers. Fruit flies are typically 3 to 4 mm long and can appear to be brown or tan in color. The entire fruit fly life cycle lasts about 25 days or a little more depending on the environment and food source availability.

What happens if you find fruit flies in the kitchen?

First, it is important to make sure that any fruit that should be stored in a refrigerator is placed in the fridge before the fruit gets too ripe and attracts the flies. Next, make sure that all counters are wiped down regularly and any spills are clean up, even those in trash cans. These basic maintenance steps will not only help to keep fruit flies away but are also the first steps to getting rid of fruit flies.

Destroy the Fruit Fly feeding and breeding areas.

Fruit flies will often lay their eggs in rotten fruit or other soft, sweet materials. If you believe the you have a fruit fly infestation, get rid of all over-ripe or rotting fruit and vegetables and wipe down all of your counters again. If you do not have any fruit or vegetables in your kitchen, check your garbage can and garbage areas in your kitchen. You can also check the drains in the kitchen, especially the drain with the disposal. Sometimes food gets stuck in drains and can attract the fruit flies.

Once you have found and isolated the fruit fly breeding ground, there are a variety of control methods than can be utilized to eradicate the fruit flies. Some control methods include cleaning drains and other surfaces with bleach or even a fruit fly trap. Sometimes these control methods work and other times they are just a temporary fix. If you cannot seem to rid your home of the fruit flies, it may be time to call in a professional pest control company like Terminix.

If you need a little help shooing these fruit flies away, Call Terminix at (504) 834-7330. We’ll be glad to help you get rid of these pests.