Signs of a Hotel Pest Infestation

Hotel Pest ControlPests are a problem in general, but pests in a hotel are a big problem. Hotel guests simply do not like pests of any kind but roaches, spiders and rats are definitely on top of the list.  Many types of pests, like bed bugs, reproduce quickly and hide well spreading from room to room without detection.

The good news is that guest complaints about pests can actually be avoided by spotting early signs of pests and getting help from pest control experts to stop the spread.

There are a variety of signs that you can look for to determine if the hotel is infested with insects, rodents or even termites.

Take a look at some of the signs below:

Here are some indicators that pests could be lurking in your hotel:

  • Greasy smudge marks on walls or floorboards may have been made by rodents.
  • Piles of wood shavings can be a sign of wood-nesting carpenter ants.
  • Mud tubes can signal termite activity.
  • Spider webs found near windows, doors, light fixtures or in corners mean that spiders.
  • Discarded wings could be a sign of termites or ants.
  • Holes, tears or other damage to food packaging containers could mean rodents have visited.
  • Gnawing marks or damage to furniture, structures, walls, woodwork or equipment could indicate that insects or wildlife are active.
  • Small brown spots or blood specks on bed sheets could signal the presence of bed bugs. Another bed bug sign is discarded skin left behind.
  • Reported bite symptoms from guests warrant a close inspection for pests.

If you think that your hotel may be infested with pests, it is important to hire a professional, commercial pest control company with experience serving hotels. Regular inspections and proactive measures are extremely important to keep all pests under control. Don’t wait for pests to introduce themselves to your guests, stop the pests with Terminix.

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