Spring is here and so are pests

It’s Spring! Time for Crawfish Boils, Barbecues, Festivals, and other outdoor activities. Plants are blooming, and attracting pests. Spring brings the appearance of butterflies and bees, which are beneficial insects. However, pesky ants, spiders, and flies become more prevalent too.

Butterflies emerge from their cocoons in the Spring as fully developed adults after hibernating during the Winter. It is while they are shuttered in that the metamorphosis takes place transforming the pupa into butterflies. There are some varieties of butterflies who find shelter in the bark of trees during Winter and emerge in the Spring to feed on the nectar of the burgeoning flowers. Butterflies, like bees, are pollinators who carry pollen from blossom to blossom. Bees are extremely beneficial because not only are they pollinators, but they also produce honey. After Winter hibernation, it is imperative for bees to find food or they’ll perish within the first day outside of the hive. They too feed on the nectar of the flowers, also carrying pollen wherever they go.

Although many people are allergic to bee stings, bees normally pose no harm to humans.

The nuisances that emerge during the Spring are ants, spiders, and flies.

Spiders can be very beneficial but certain varieties carry venom which is poisonous. They take shelter in our homes during Winter and eat other insects, such as roaches, silverfish, centipedes, and flies, for their sustenance. Ants also hibernate in their nests for Winter. As the temperature drops, the ants activity gradually grinds to a halt. When the temperature rises, the ants emerge from their nest into the wonders of nature. Unfortunately, they emerge at our outdoor festivities causing distress. Flies plague our outdoor gatherings the most. Flies emerge when the temperature begins to rise and the snow begins to melt. One by-product of harsh cold weather is refuse and remains of animals that were once buried by the snow. This attracts the flies like bees to honey, and they feed on this waste. Unfortunately, they spread disease and are most undesirable while we try to enjoy the sunshine.