Swarming Season Is Here: What You Should Do To Protect Your Home

Swarming SeasonSwarming season is here and it will stay with us through early summer.  Subterranean and Formosan termites “swarm” as the weather begins to warm, usually at the beginning of spring after a rain event. “What’s happening is that the young kings and queens leaving the mother colony, so basically they are getting kicked out of the house to start their new colony,”  Terminix Entomologist Joe Martin explains  on WVUE FOX 8 News. Not all termite species swarm at the same time, but for a swarm to occur, the weather must be warm, often following a rain. When outside the swarming termites can be annoying. Sometimes you can see termites swarming by the lights in the millions this time of year.

Swarming SeasonWhat You Should Do Right Now?

Right now, during swarming season, you can take advantage of the fact that the termites are out and about. Now is the time for you to inspect your home and make sure they don’t pick your house to start a new colony. Termites tend to look for moist places to start their new home. You may have heard the saying: ‘Turn your lights off during swarming season’. Martin strongly disagrees: “We like to say leave the lights on, it is our one opportunity in the year to find out where the Termites are coming from.” If you take a walk around your house with the lights on, you might be able so see where the termites are headed. For instance, they might use a shelter tube against your slab to get into your house, or they might be swarming out of a tree in  your yard. Always make sure you do not have any firewood stacked up against your house, or vines growing on your wall since they could block visible entry points. “If you find thousand of termites in your home possibly flying out of your walls. It is time to call a professional,” Martin recommends .

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