Did you know that bugs like the holidays too in Louisiana? They may not care about getting gifts, but they will willingly participate in some of the other holiday traditions from Garlands to Santa’s cookies. Below are the Top Holiday Traditions That Attract Bugs:

Wreaths and Garland

Top Holiday Traditions That Attract BugsWreaths are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes. They are typically made with natural materials like fir branches, pine clippings, pine codes, dried berries, and holly clippings. Unfortunately, all of these wreath making items attract insects. So, before you hang your holiday wreath, take a close look at it to make sure bugs are not hiding inside.

If you plan on decorating your home with natural garland, make sure you check the garland before bringing it into your home to decorate your bannister.

Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are fun to make from a sorts of sweet treats. This house is one of the finest invitations that you could make for local bugs to move into quickly. The way to avoid these unwanted Gingerbread House guests is to wrap them up and store them in the fridge each night. This will help preserve it and prevent insects from eating you out of your Gingerbread home.

Holiday Plants

Poinsettias, Island Pines, Red Amaryllis are all some of the most common ways to decorate inside and outside of the home for the holidays. But, just like all other plants, these too can be great hiding places for bugs. Before you bring them inside, check them for bugs.

Christmas Tree

Many bugs live in trees…including Christmas trees. Before you make the decision on which tree to buy, take a little time to go around the tree checking for insects and bugs. In addition to bugs, check for spider webs, bird’s nests, discoloration, white egg masses, cottony wax filament, and small holes in the trunk. If you see any of these items, keep looking for a better Christmas Tree for your home.

Strings of Popcorn

Stringing popcorn is fun for the entire family to make for tree, wreath and even bannister decorations. But, it is best to avoid edible decorations all together. But if this is a family tradition there are a few tricks that will help keep the bugs away. First, use plain, air-popped popcorn. Second, use a clear spray adhesive to lightly coat the popcorn after it’s strung.

Cookies Out for Santa

If Santa and his reindeers are just too full by the time they reach your house, just make sure you pick the cookies and milk up before the insects find them. Remember that any food that is left out over night becomes a great feast for bugs inside and out of your home.

Prevent The Holiday Bug Guests

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