What Attracts Spiders To A Home Or Business?

Most of the spiders that are actually seen in and around a home or business have actually been living there for quite some time. Most common house spiders actually spend their entire lives indoors. Moisture attracts some spiders and drier environments attracts other spiders. House spiders tend to take up residence in quite, hidden spaces where they can find food, water, and not be disturbed. These types of spiders will be found in garages, light fixtures, storage spaces, and even below cabinets.

According to entomologist Joe Martin at Terminix NOLA, “Spiders prefer a quite place to live where they will not be disturbed that has access to food, warmth and water.”

The Good News

Spiders are great for pest control. They will help to catch all sorts of insects including roaches. The vast majority of the most common house spiders rarely, if ever, actually bite people. There are about 40,000 different spider species on earth and only about 12 can actually cause harm to a human. In the United States, there are only two types of spiders that need to be worried about: the brown recluse and the black widow.

The Brown Recluse Spider is brown with a fat body and skinny legs. They look like they have a brown violin marking on their back and they are about 5/8 inches in size.  They are nocturnal and eat other bugs like cockroaches and crickets. The Black Widow spider are most recognized by the red hourglass shape on their back. They are about 3/4 inches in length and 3/8 inches in diameter. Both the Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Widow Spider only bite humans in self defense.

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders

If you prefer to stick with Terminix NOLA Pest Control service over the spider’s services, we completely understand your preference. Most people really do not like the 8 legged arachnids crawling all over the house and leaving their spiderwebs everywhere. The best way to begin to get rid of spiders is to remove the ones you can see and then work on making your home or business a little less appealing to them. Start by vacuuming the floors regularly and dust away cobwebs on the walls and in corners. This is helps to remove their egg sacs. Try to remove clutter on the floor and near walls. If there are wood piles near your home, move them away from your home. This will not only help to get rid of spiders, but also will help to keep termites away from your home too. Lastly, cut off their food source. Seal the doors and windows so other bugs won’t come in. Also, consider getting a pest control service to help further reduce the insects in and around your home.

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