AntsHave you noticed more ants in your home recently? These tiny critters seem to be taking over homes and businesses lately. The recent rains we have had are partially to blame for the ant invasions. Heavy rains, and we have had our fair share of rain in the last couple of weeks, will flush ants out of the wet soil. The ants are searching for food and safety in higher grounds which includes your home.

When Ants Are On The Move

Ants live in so-called colonies. The colonies usually have their nests underground. Sometimes ants also build nests inside of trees, or in voids of a house or building. When the ground floods, ants who live underground or on the surface are at risk of drowning. That’s when the colony may have to relocate. When a colony starts to flood, workers pick up eggs and other immature ants and start searching for a safer spot that is higher up. In their search, the ants could find their way to your home.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Home

If you want to protect your home from ants, there are several things you can do. Ants can slip in through small cracks or holes in the walls. Use silicon caulk to seal cracks and holes in walls and floors. Seal windows and doors with weather stripping to prevent ants from entering your home. Clean spills or other messes in your kitchen or any other parts of your house because leftover food will also attract ants. Experts say ants particularly like the scent of sugar and grease. Scrubbing floors as well as inside drawers with a disinfectant cleaner can help keep ants away. If you cannot get rid of the ants in your home, contact the experts at Terminix! Not only can we help with Pest Control, we can also help make these repairs.

We will fix your Pest Problems.

We have effective solutions that will help to eliminate pest problems, including ants, throughout the year. Our custom treatments adapt to the seasons to address seasonal pest activity to protect your home and business all year long. We provide Residential and Commercial Pest Control and Termite Control Services for the Southshore, Northshore, and the River Parishes of Louisiana. Call us at the Eastbank office at (504) 834-7330, the River region at (985) 652-7378, or on the Northshore at (985) 643-6542.

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