What Makes A Cockroach So Hard To Kill?

Why Is A Cockroach So Hard To Kill?Newspapers, shoes, and brooms have all been the tools of the DIY trade to kill the cockroach. Yet, despite multiple attempts, these pests seem indestructible. Nothing seems to be able to kill these roaches, and many people joke that if the end of the world comes, the cockroach will survive. Why is that?

How Do Cockroaches Survive?

Cockroaches have evolved into a nearly indestructible pest. They have exoskeletons made up of overlapping plates connected by a stretchy membrane. The membrane is flexible and shifts allowing roaches to fit into incredibly small cracks. Their outer layer is thick and dense, proving another level of protection and flexibility. The cockroach is so hard to kill because their exoskeletons will shift to provide more protection, even when a newspaper is being thrown at them.

Protect & Prepare Your Home

It is best to prevent cockroaches from even entering your home. Begin with sealing the perimeter of your home by closing gaps under doors and windows, sealing cracks, and screening or sealing rains lines and sewer vents. Next, store food in sealed containers. This means place cereal in sealed containers instead of just rolling the back closed. Place pet food in a sealed container too. Make sure that you clean the house regularly. This includes taking out the garbage regularly, wiping counters after each meal, and even vacuuming often. Learn more about the foods that attract roaches – HERE. Even if you complete all of these steps, cockroaches can still get into your home. Call a professional pest control company, like Terminix, to get a comprehensive pest control inspection and a customized pest control plan for lasting and continued protection.

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