How do I clean my home to rid the infestation?

Your child is clean, with well-washed hair, but still comes home from school with head lice.

Don’t panic!

Head lice does not discriminate: they spread in all schools and to children with the worst to the best hygiene, then the children bring them home. Head-to-head contact is the way lice spread. For example, children working on a project may huddle together to complete their task, and literally put their heads together as they work, allowing lice to crawl from head to head. Head lice nits are eggs on the scalp that resemble dandruff. They live in the hair for about 8 or 9 days before transforming into lice. Lice can live in the hair for up to 30 days after they have reached maturity. However, they cannot survive independent from a human host for longer than 2 days. Therefore, they cannot survive on bedding or furniture, etcetera, any length of time.

If you find yourself and your family in this situation, here are some measures you should take immediately:

  1. Inspect all family members for head lice and nits if you suspect someone in your family is infested.
  2. Since homeopathic remedies are rarely effective, consult your primary care physician for treatment options.
  3. Collect all items that might be infested with head lice.  Wash all washable items in hot water.  Those items that are not washable should be sealed in plastic bags for two weeks in order to kill the lice.
  4. Don’t be too embarrassed to share the information with others so they can know what they need to do to for their families.
  5. Explain to your family members that head lice can infest anyone at any time.

However, if you feel like you need a professional to inspect your home for pests, call the pest control experts at Terminix to treat your home. At Terminix, our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction by providing tailored services to meet individual client needs for pest control.

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Head Lice