Spring in New Orleans is normally a very rainy time. Most of us enjoy the cooler weather that the showers bring. Plus, they help flowers grow in gardens. Unfortunately, pests love the rainy weather too because they require high humidity to keep their bodies from drying out. April pests like mosquitoes need the spring rains to complete their development. But, all sorts of pests appear with spring.

Indoor Pests Magically Appear When Humidity Increases

What Attracts Bugs - April Pests | Terminix NOLASpring normally brings higher humidity indoors, because people will open their windows and doors more to let in fresh air. When humidity is high inside a home for a long period of time, pests that are not normally found inside suddenly show up in kitchens and bathrooms. Some pests that you might find inside include: roaches, spiders, ants and even wasps.

Foundation Pests

Most of the pests that live outside around the foundation require high moisture. They feed on mulch and other ground-covers and thrive and multiple when their home is damp. If the ground that surrounds the foundation gets too wet, foundation pests might migrate to dryer areas like your home, especially termites. Find out more about Landscaping Tips to Keep out TermitesHERE. To keep these April pests out of your home, seal openings that pests can squeeze through. Search outside your house foundation for any cracks and holes and seal them up. Bugs and insects search for the perfect home that provides shelter and moisture. Do not be hospitable…remove any items that are tempting to them. For example, make sure you clean countertops, take a trash regularly,  and remove any excess debris in and around your house.

Mosquitoes Need Standing Water

Throughout April, the spring showers can create standing water in flower pots, clogged gutters and other items in your yard. Mosquitoes that have been dormant during the winter, will now begin to hatch. Lots of rain and standing water will allow mosquito larvae to complete development into adult mosquitoes. Make sure you take a moment to go through your yard and remove any items that could hold water. If you would like to learn more about Terminix Mosquito Control Services, click HERE.

We will fix your Pest Problems.

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